As I write this, this new website has virtually no traffic. I of course would like to change this, so I'm going to try periodically holding a contest where I'll post a screenshot of something I am drawing and visitors get to guess which model automobile it belongs to.

Winners will receive customized Automobillustrations-themed prizes.

For the first edition, the prize will be a T-Shirt with the print of an (existing) Automobillustration of their choice.

And so, without further ado, guess which model instrument panel I am drawing belongs to.

The first correct response in the comments will be the winner! Good luck!

Updated: Oct 8

As I migrate all of the Autombillustrations content to the new website, I was researching color trends and somehow I ended up reading about how Ford came up with the Maverick (the '70s car, not the current truck).

It inspired me to illustrate the Maverick, so here's a preview of a 1971 2-door Ford Maverick in "Antestablish Mint Green".

Someone with a sense of humor at Ford went all out with puns when naming car paint, because if you were in the market for a new mid-size car at the time, you could've also picked a "Hulla Blue", "Original Cinnamon", "Freudian Gilt", or a "Thanks Vermillion". colored Maverick. Ha!